THEFT ALERT: $3000 REWARD for information leading to the return of my Z950R 72” Mower. $1000 Bonus for an arrest with it’s return!

If you live in the area of Joseph Rd between Fieldstore Rd and Hegar in Hockley …please check any video cameras for this morning between approximately 3am-3:25am. They cut my fence, stole my Commercial mower from my barn and left the fence open where my livestock could get out. I would appreciate all available camera footage, in addition to what we may have. You may contact me at 281-507-2259.

NOTE: If you happen to be reading this and you are the thief, PLEASE come and collect the gift I have for you. I truly wish I had met you this morning so I could have given it to you in person, you worthless POS!

Almost identical to photo below. Please share on all the local sites. Would you turn a thief in for $4000, I would!

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