A seventeen (17) year employee of the Liberty County Attorney’s Office is presently under criminal investigation for the theft of several thousand dollars from that office. Information was received by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department on June 17th. that the long time employee had in her possession receipts and cash monies from the County Attorney Office “Pre-Trial Diversion Project” and that other receipts were not in a secured safe as they should be.

Sheriff Bobby Rader notified County Attorney Wes Hinch who immediately began an audit of his office financial receipts and his personnel and on June 18th. Attorney Hinch requested a full investigation of his office after confirming the loss of several thousand dollars. Capt. Don Neyland assigned Sgt. Investigators Joel Davila and Stephen Clappart to this case. Very shortly after the investigation began, an employee began making incriminating statements to fellow employees and to County Attorney Wes Hinch. On June 20th. the employee was allowed to resign

Presently the case is still being investigated to determine the exact amount of loss and all information has been turned over to the Liberty County District Attorney’s office to be reviewed by a Grand Jury for possible charges.

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  1. conroetx

    Recall the post on June 19. “Ambulance owner headed to Federal Prison” who billed the Medicare Program for 3.6 million of dollars. PPL LISTEN, THIS IS WHERE OUR TAX MONEY IS GOING. Our own ppl! Backstabbers!!!!!

  2. conroetx

    Many ppl blame illegals for spending tax dollars, but the truth will and is coming out slowly but surely. Reality will come to light soon……just wait.
    Don’t see much comments here…somebody?????
    Cat got your tongue?
    Did y’all read about the ambulance scam where americans (not illegals) scamed medicare for LOTS of money.
    its a shame that we keep blaming other ppl for what our ppl r doing.

  3. LazyCop

    Polygraph all these personnel on a random basis for theft, drug use, criminal abuse, official misconduct, official oppression and so forth. By doing this we can add an element of oversight on these important folks.

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