Last Sunday morning approximately 2am  thieves broke into Texas Truckworks located at 32403 FM 2978 using a camouflage limo.

They stole vehicle suspension , tool box Building materials, siding sheet metal Jeep suspension, springs, Bilstein shocks.

MCPR published the story last night. This morning the owner of the camo limo called the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to turn himself in and told them it was a misunderstanding. However, before he did he called the owner of Texas Truck Works, Scott Stevens and agreed to return what was stolen. He also stated that he had a small child and could not go to jail.

Scott Stevens met with the man and decided instead of filing charges he would take a different approach.

Many years ago Judge Ted Poe, now Congressman Ted Poe was one to put out many unusual sentences. He kept the jails from over crowding and many criminals took note of Judge Poe’s rulings.  In 1981 Judge Poe became one of the youngest District Judges in the State of Texas.  In this position, he gained national prominence ordering a drunken driver  ordered to carry in his wallet pictures of the people he killed. A wife-beater must apologize to his victim from the courthouse steps, with cameras rolling. A shoplifter is forced to pace outside the market from which she pilfered, wearing a huge sign that brands her a convicted thief. Judge Poe called these “public punishments”

It was described as justice by sandwich board, tearful apology and posted placard, the modern versions of the stocks and scarlet letters of colonial times. A small but attention-getting group of judges across the United States, fed up with a revolving cast of drug buyers, drunk drivers, johns and shoplifters who never seem to get the message, has been sentencing criminals to shame. They hope public humiliation succeeds where jail habitually fails.

He would say that he thinks this type of sentencing is important.   Poe said the people saw had too good a self-esteem and he wanted them to feel guilty about what they’ve done. He didn’t want them leaving the courthouse with warm fuzzies inside.

I don’t want ’em to leave the courthouse having warm fuzzies inside.

Scott Steven’s told the man that if he would stand out in front of the business for thirty minutes holding a sign which read, “I will no steal from TTW again”, he would not press charges.

An ninety minutes later Steven’s had to go out and tell him that he was good now as he was well past his thirty minutes.








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