FOX,JACKANTHONYOn September 10, 2012 Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy Skero observed a southbound red vehicle on Loop 494 swerving into oncoming traffic. Skero stopped Jack Anthony Fox, a 17-year old male from Porter. Fox told Deputy Skero he swerved because of a dropped a cell phone.

Skero detected a strong marijuana odor speaking with other vehicle occupants. When asked, Fox admitted to throwing it out the window. After giving Skero consent to search, a bag of marijuana was found in a center console hidden compartment. Fox was arrested for possession of marijuana and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

On November 30, 2012, five persons being Fox, Leonardo Garza age 17, two juvenile males and a juvenile female broke into and stole more than $12,000 of beer, sunglasses and clothing from the Kingwood Country Club; club security cameras recorded the burglary and a vehicle license number.

Several days later Houston Police met with Garza at Porter High School; Garza implicated Fox as the driver. Fox and Garza were charged with burglary of a building in the 248th District Court in Harris County, scheduled to appear Friday, April 12th.

Wednesday night April 10th just after 10pm Montgomery County Precinct 4 Sgt. Looza and Deputy Jaimes observed a Ford Taurus make an illegal lane change on FM 1314 near Loop 494. After stopping and approaching the vehicle, a rifle was seen behind the front seat. Fox was asked to step out; he told the deputies he didn’t have to. After several more requests and refusals, he physically resisted deputies’ attempts to remove him from the car.

When escorted to the patrol car, Fox physically resisted again, was arrested and transported to the Montgomery County Jail, charged with resisting arrest, search or transport and interfering with public duties. Bond for both charges was set at $10,000.

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  1. LocalDrifter

    I used to drive him on the School Bus.

    This prooves the old saying You can drive a jackass to school but you can’t make him think.

  2. jenellen1967

    WOW..I used to drive him on the School Bus..His Late Daddy wld be so upset…I actually drove Leo Garza Too..this is not shockin to me

  3. bobbyd

    They need to STOP picking on this FINE,UPSTANDING citizen.
    He’ll file a Lawsuit,PROBABLY win and then cost us untold dollar amounts!!

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