At 7 am the lines started at the Big Rivers Waterpark on SH 242 at I-69 in New Caney for the season opener. Outside the gates people were gathered together I lines, not many seemed concerned about social distancing. One man said, “I’m tired of sitting inside all the time, they say heat and humidity are Covid-19 enemy and what do we have here, 99 percent humidity and 90-degree temperatures.” “In addition, we chose to come and enjoy our weekend, they didn’t put a chain on our necks and drag us here.” However, once inside everything changed. According to CEO Monte Galland, benches were separated in small family groups, hand sanitizing stations were set up throughout the park. They are limiting the capacity to 2000 and telling people to keep distance between them. Chlorine is being monitored closely in the waters. Once inside the massive park which includes water slides, a lazy river, wave pools, a petting zoo, zip lines, and many other refreshing activities. However, with the limit of 2000 people, the park looks almost empty. Virtually no lines for activities and plenty of space between families. Safety is one concern of theirs. Not even an hour after opening park officials lightning monitoring activated as a thunderstorm moved into the area. On entering, bags are inspected which in some cases slowed the line somewhat. Immediately people were asked to get out of the water. Within 30-minutes the threat passed and it was back to fun again. The park will now be open 7-days a week. With the long line, these morning season ticket holders were given priority prior to other patrons.


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  1. Michael

    Whole bunch of stupid people… I’d feel better about it if they’d only get each other sick and die, but fact is they’ll have weeks to spread it to people who didn’t even go to the water park and those people will get sick and at least some will perish as a result thru no fault but their own. So…. just saying, bad idea; it’s not all about YOU.

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