On February 3, 2014, at approximately 7:25 PM, Patrol Deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a strong arm robbery at the Wal-Mart located in the 1000 block of Sawdust Road. Deputies learned that a female and her eight year old son were loading items into their vehicle in the parking lot when they were approached by two males. The males grabbed the victim’s purse and a brief struggle ensued before the suspects were able to pull the purse away and drive off in a white Impala.

An individual that witnessed the robbery followed the suspect vehicle and provided the license plate to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center. A Trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety observed the suspect vehicle traveling south on Interstate 45 and stopped the vehicle in the area of Interstate 45 and FM 2920. The complainant’s property was located and recovered from inside the suspect vehicle.

As a result of an investigation, all three occupants in the suspect vehicle were arrested and charged.


Jones, Fred Lee, 3Rd

Fred Lee Jones, age 20, of 20731 Fox Hound in Humble is charged with robbery.




Savon Highsmith, age 20,of 1222 Wabash Elm in Houston. He is charged with robbery.



Robertson, Larry Dean, Jr

Larry Robertson, 20, of 20731 Fox Hound in Humble is charged with robbery

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  1. gnamaree

    LD, You are so MUCH more PC than I can be when I read these news reports. These pantya** Democrats are looking for potential easy victims in Montgomery County, because the they’re forced out of Harris County by the 1000s more hardcore Democrats forcing them out of their own territory.
    Just waiting for them to TRY their shenanigans with me in some parking lot with my 2 tots in tow. I hope they like the taste of lead, because my Kimber .45 is ALWAYS READY…and with me.

    I hope you post this Jamie. Bad guys have to know us Ladies aren’t vics, but then again, if they could read, they’d have jobs!

  2. 09mack

    LD tells it like it is. It makes you think of how many of his post don’t make it through. I enjoy reading his thought they crack me up. But a good point is that they get mad when you judge them but they give us all the reasons. in the world to judge. When I see people like them I watch them like a hawk don’t care if the see me or not. Good job trooper !!!!!

    1. Jamie Nash

      Sadly, they crack me up too. That’s why about 99% make it through. Once in a while he goes so far I can’t defend allowing it…
      I think he should do a pseudo-news blog, like The Onion.

  3. LocalDrifter

    Good deal. 3 less turds on the street

    I don’t expect this one to make it past committee review but…

    You can’t judge a crook by his color.

  4. really66

    Sometimes its hard not to say ugly things about this kind of guys!!!!! LOSERS!!!!!! Get a flippin job and earn your money!!!!!!!!

  5. LocalDrifter

    You gotta love Fred’s I’m too sexy for a shirt look he’s giving the camera and Savon’s I’m too ugly for a pic absence of one.

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