We are evaluating the potential for heavy rain and severe weather northwest of the Houston metro Friday night into Saturday. This is a situation with a lot of moving parts, and confident forecasts are difficult to make at this range. Consider this a heads up to a time frame to keep an eye on in the coming days. We will endeavor to provide more precise details as we are able.

A cold front will be making its way towards Southeast Texas late Friday night, and drag slowly across the area on Saturday. There are some environmental factors that could support the potential for heavy rain and/or severe weather to the northwest of the Houston metro on Friday night.

This is not a typical scenario for this type of weather and requires a lot of moving parts to fulfill. Some of these cannot be well forecast at this range, and this decreases our confidence in what exactly will happen as the front moves in.

We’re providing this information today for general planning purposes, and to sketch out a general area that may have the best potential for heavier rain or stronger storms. Be sure to keep up with the latest forecast information in the coming days, and we will update with more precise information as the data allows us.

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