September 24, 2022 11:59 am

Posted: 23.6.2012 6:39


Just after 2:15 a.m. three wreckers were seen speeding down Sawdust Road in the vicinity of the Walmart Store. They were Milstead, Windcrest and Momentum. The thing about them speeding was they were attempting to box in Mariio Morrocco Gorgano, 24 of the Woodlands.

Gorgano was just leaving Rookies Bar on Sawdust Road in his 3 day old Volkswagen when he backed into a off-duty Montgomery County Sheriff Deputies motorcycle. The incident was witnessed by many as the club closed and people were leaving.

The crash was also observed by the deputy who walked to the vehicle which had now pulled back into the parking spot. When the deputy tapped on the window to get the drivers attention, Gorgano put the car in reverse striking a wrecker that had been in the parking lot and also witnessed the crash.  The driver then sped out of the parking lot striking two pedestrians. They suffered minor injuries. He missed several others who were also going to the parking lot.

Gorgano then sped out of the parking lot and headed west o Sawdust.  Two other wreckers besides the one that was struck sped after him as the deputy put in a call alerting to the vehicle.

The wrecker drivers were able to box him in until deputies and DPS arrive on the scene.

Gorgano was arrested for aggravated assault, DWI, and for having a weapon with out a permit.