Tomball High School student charged after posting image of AR-15 as joke, police say

TOMBALL, Texas (KTRK) — Police say a joke posted to social media has a Tomball High School student in a lot of trouble.

The Tomball Police Department announced the arrest of a 17-year-old student on its Facebook page Wednesday night.

Investigators said Tomball High School administrators were made aware of a threatening social media post around 1 p.m.

A student was taken into custody by a school resource officer after he allegedly admitted to posting the image of an AR-15 to social media with the caption, “Don’t come to school tomorrow.”

That was enough for Tomball ISD to launch an investigation.

The senior was brought in and said it was all just a joke toward other students.

Police didn’t think it was funny and neither do parents.

“I think there should be zero tolerance for it. I think in the society we live in today, we can’t afford to make ‘funny threats’,” said Tomball parent Jenna Sacchieri.

The teen has been charged with a third degree felony for exhibiting a firearm.

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  1. DollyHorton

    And just like that, he now has a felony on his record related to a firearms offense. Now he’s going to have that pop up every time he goes to apply for a job. Good luck, young man, you’ve just flushed your entire future down the toilet like it was shit.

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