Montgomery County residents met Monday night to seek solutions for a road they call dangerous.

Earlier this month, Anne Donlon and Katie Walker, both 19, were killed in a head-on collision on Roberts Cemetery Road near Kentucky Trace.  The impact sent both vehicles into a ditch.

Neighbors said there have been too many accidents on the street, especially when it rains.

The victims’ parents and other residents discussed possible solutions at the town hall meeting.

“It needs to be more than a Band-aid fix, no other parent should have to go through what we’ve had to go through,” said Sherry Walker, the mother of one of the crash victims. 

One possible solution being considered is lowering the speed limit on the road.


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  1. abitcurious

    I was wondering do all of the fatal accidents involve young girls only? And why is the road called Roberts Cementery?

  2. xxkatxx

    In response to the woman asking if we knew how fast they were going… No mam we don’t, but I do know is 2 heavy objects going at that rate of speed collide the impact wouldn’t look like that, plain and simple. I don’t think we needyth busters to solve this one. I’m not being rude or disrespectful I’m saying, we cant turn a blind eye and think teens are innocent careful angels, I know I wasn’t. I mean since when did changing a speed limit ever slow anyone down? Only when a cop with radar was present. Y’all need to gather the teens and young drivers in a town meeting show them these pictures let them hear testimonies. If y’all remain ignorant an turn a blind eye, your child may ending up turning the wrong blind curve. I’m sorry for yalls loss

  3. extorris

    I’ve seen many crashes. The road is fine but the people driving on it are not. Water on the road = less friction which means YOU MUST SLOW DOWN.

  4. cjf1980

    Maybe if y’all had been there and saw what I saw at the accident., you would be more careful about what you say. Speeding isn’t causing ALL the accidents on that road. It is to slippery plain and simple. You can loose control going 10 mph when the road is hardly damp. I know it has happened to me, going just that speed. Were you there, do know for a fact that they were speeding? Has anyone determined that either vehicle was speeding. NO. The young man tried to stop/get out of the way, there just wasn’t enough time.
    Nine people have lost their lives on that road in the past year. That’s nine too many. Something does need to be done! And yes the road does change when it gets wet, it’s like driving on an ice rink.

  5. extorris

    I kept hearing, “something needs to be done”, “something needs to be done” over and over again. Not once did I hear anyone say, “hey, we need to set an example for our kids and drive slower.” Numerous people that live on that road admitted to losing control. I hear people complain about kids driving crazy, but where do they get it from?

  6. extorris

    Nothing wrong with the road, it doesn’t change or move. When the road is wet then you need to drive with care, water IS wet. There is only one person to blame here and while it is hard for some people to do so due to the grieving process it’s the female that was driving too fast fault. It’s sad that people come together for only when someone dies. The same people complaining will be the same ones getting speeding tickets.

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