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  1. OnlyMe

    Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you…
    Sorry LD just couldn’t help myself. I’ve never seen this much commentary on something so insignificant. An update would be nice though.

  2. dj00936

    I have no further need to post here, LocalDrifter has made everyone else in this thread look like fools 10x better than I can.

    I’ll see you guys/girls in the next post…

  3. LocalDrifter

    These posts by others are so well reasoned.

    As such, it’s prompted me to evaluate my life and led me to the realization I need to something about it.

  4. bobbyd

    Are y’all for real?? Bitching about CAP LOCKS!! What a life you must have to just complain about something SO TRIVIAL..
    As far as MORE info,in case you haven’t noticed,WHICH APPARENTLY YOU HAVE NOT, usually the FIRST post is a quickie..Then an update or two follows.
    Who cares what was spilled?Later info!! STAY AWAY from the area is what the first article advises. Details WILL FOLLOW. It really isn’t that hard to understand that concept for MOST people…
    The most simplest solution is…. WAIT for it……. Don’t come to the site if it bothers you THAT much!!
    SCOTT & Jaimie provide a WONDERFUL service with this site that SOME people should be banned.
    As far as LD goes,He is just a HOOT!!!!!!!!

  5. Pinuptris


    This is much better. I as well would like to know more about this story. Is the driver ok? Do we have an update? What was this truck carrying at the time?

  6. spk

    Out of everyone who reads the paper, there are only three people who are complaining. You do a great job, in my opinion, and in the opinions of those I know. We realize the world isn’t perfect and everyone can’t mold themselves to exactly the mold others want to put them in. Keep up the good work, MCCR. It must be a full moon.

  7. spk

    My point is that I’d rather get more news about what’s happening than fewer stories and everything just perfect or perfect in the eyes of some. I don’t see it as public humiliation if you use caps. This is their paper and this newspaper is all over the place every day bringing us real Mont. Co. news. They don’t fill it up with news from around the state or nation because they don’t have anything local in the county to tell. We actually get local up-to-date news every day. Hope I haven’t humiliated myself or misspelled anything. Is it a full moon?

  8. luvthewoods

    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe all of you criticizing Jamie and Scott. You obviously don’t have anything better to do. LocalDrifter…your comments made throughout the MCPR are always filled with sarcasm and negativity. Go find a job. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m embarrassed for you. Thank you Jamie and Scott for all you do for the community with your reporting. It’s the content, reporting and words that count….not if they are capitalized or not. Jamie and Scott… keep up the good work and don’t waste your time trying to defend capitalizing words. Shame on all of you!

  9. LocalDrifter

    Spk – The zipper/paper illustration is, much to your disagreement, an appropriate parallel. Read The Emperor Has No Clothes. Tangentially it deals with ignoring an obvious fact and suffering humiliation or public ridicule as a result.

    We’d all still be eating soup with our fingers unless shown otherwise that it’s best to use a spoon. But there’d remain a few contrarians out there determined not to be told what to do and dig in having not even bothering to wash their hands first. You may welcome them to sit at your table… they won’t be sitting at mine.

  10. spk

    Local Drifter–
    How do you get ‘strolling in public with fly down or ‘flying a toilet paper tail flapping from the back of his trousers, etc’ having anything to do with the articles in this newspaper? That is very insulting and rude to say about someone whose only vice is using caps–the criticism of the capital letters is one thing, but your insulting stories have crossed the line. I wish newspapers didn’t have to put up with this stuff. You are making up what you think are cute stories and entertaining yourself and distracting the news people. This is the best place to get the news that’s happening every day. Will you stop?

  11. LocalDrifter

    Not only is Scott generally the largest guy in the room he ALSO TALKS THE LOUDEST. Diminished hearing, you see, from all those years drumming while touring with Cream. (I’m referencing a semi-obscure rock & roll band here)

    Hey, I respectamundo Scott. I simply fail to understand why a person cognizant of not shooting video with the lens cap on can’t make the lateral mental connection that he shouldn’t type with caps lock on.

    As for insulting L.D.,
    Yeah, good luck trying to do that.

  12. 1987JH

    I greatly appreciate what each and everyone of you do who run this site. But I am afraid I have to agree with the other two individuals who have posted before me. I check this site daily since I live in the area, and it is very difficult to read at times and not to mention unprofessional with writing being in all capital letters. Also it would have been nice to know what the truck was hauling at the time of the incident. That is kind of crucial information I believe.

  13. LocalDrifter

    Every time Scott does this he’s essentially strolling in public with zipper down or flying a toilet paper tail flapping from the top of his trousers. Surely if he can operate a camera without turning it sideways having selected proper white balance, aperture, frame rate, focus, gain control, and yes, even composition of the video frame, certainly he can master the intricacies of the CAPS LOCK key that’s been a plague for readers since the first Underwood Number 5 came off the assembly line. Heck, get him to file reports via Text to Speech and let the device do the heavy lifting / typing for him.

    Jay Leno tried saving Terry Bradshaw’s career by giving him advice which Terry initially dismissed but then finally acquiesced. (Happens 5:50 into the video.) I think Scott is just being hard headed and refuses to change, to the detriment of us readers who, unlike spk, cringe when ettiquite gets slaughtered.

  14. dj00936

    edit: facebook not gacebook. lol

    Can you atleast answer this? What about pushing the caps lock button helps him when he is in a rush? Wouldn’t leaving it on lowercase be even faster?

  15. dj00936

    Wow, now you just insulted the other person posting. You do not care at all about the audience your reporting to do you? When I first joined mcpr on gacebook, I commented on the capitals and scott said “LOOKS LIKE SOMEBODY IS NEW TO MCPR” which I was…..I have tried to be nice and polite but you people have no problem being downright rude…

    1. Jamie Nash

      I was just explaining. As for insulting L.D., I think we have an unspoken understanding and a twisted sort of mutual respect. I respect his twisted, and sometimes downright brilliant, insight and he seems to respect me more than he respects Scott. No insult intended. Just an explanation. Not everyone is aware that Scott never wanted or intended to be a print journalist and they can’t figure out why it seems like he’s unwilling to put much effort into it. No hostility on this end.

  16. spk

    Why are people so irritable and critical and call attention to themselves constantly? Please see the positives. This is much more irritating than capital letters.

  17. LocalDrifter

    All caps from being hurried is a crock. Scott’s emails are sent the same way. Makes for sloppy reportage’.

    Refer me to other news sites making this journalistic faux pax… None reputable I’d take the effort to read and it DOES take effort to slug through an article written thusly and I won’t do it. There could be an email from Elle Mc Phearson confessing her love for me and willingness to pay for a Vogue cover shot wedding though homely and poor I be but if she sent it ALL CAPS it remains unread because one of Drifters truisms is he don’t read caps.

    1. Jamie Nash

      Refer me to other news sites who get the information out as quickly. Scott isn’t a writer. He’s a videographer and only does the written part as a courtesy. If I typed in all caps, it would be inexcusable, but that’s the only way we’re going to get the info from Scott if he has any reason to rush.
      PS- Maybe that’s why Elle looks so sad in some of her photos. Shame on you.

  18. spk

    What is the big deal whether they write in all upper case or all lower case? They are very efficient at getting the Mont. Co. news out to us and always seem to be wherever things are happening. Upper case or lower case is irrelevant to some people, as long as they can read the news soon after it occurs. That ‘problem’ doesn’t bother some of us. What is so irritating about it? However, I am not a computer geek or even close. I just like reading the news.

  19. dj00936

    Thanks for the reply Jamie!
    As for the donation,
    It was just a $20 dollar bill sent to MCPR, PO BOX 8116, Conroe, TX 77302-8116

    It was sent on January 14th, 2013. There was no return address because I didn’t want it to be a big deal. (I wasn’t expecting it to have been “not accepted”) I’m sorry about that and had no idea it was against your policies or procedures and for that I apoligize.

    Can you provide any other details on the accident other than what is obvious in the pictures?

    1. Jamie Nash

      Oh, we’re not offended that someone would value our services – That’s very much appreciated. It’s just that we’re not set up for that and nobody wants a problem with the IRS. I wasn’t aware of it coming in, but I don’t pick up the mail. Thank you for the thought!
      I don’t know anything else about the wreck. Sorry. If there had been anything especially interesting, Scott would have included it, since he took the time to get pics.

  20. dj00936

    Do you have any information on the spill? What kind of material is it? How long is it expected to be shut down? Is it harmful to the environment? This is a very short and uninformative post.

    On an unrelated note…
    I also notice that you type in capital letters to distinguish yourself from the other writer(s) at MCPR, is this actually necessary? Before you even read the article it lists your name so it seems kind of pointless, and it’s very hard on the eyes to read all capitals, it’s just unpleasant and to others can come across as shouting or rude. Here are some sources that are in agreement with me on the matter….

    Me and my family love reading the MCPR (We have even donated money in the past to your organization) but everyone I know agrees that typing in all capitals is not an acceptable form of reporting on topics….. It couldn’t hurt to possibly put a little more effort into finding out information about the subject your reporting on…. you obviously got very close to this accident but failed to provide some of the simplest details about it. Please accept this as constructive criticism and I am in no way trying to come off as disrespectful or mean or nasty in anyway.

    P.s. I have no complaints about the other writers at MCPR

    1. Jamie Nash

      Maybe I can help explain this one. On Facebook, Scott’s comments are distinguished from mine by using upper and lowercase versus all caps. On the website, however, when Scott types in all caps it’s usually because he’s in a rush. When he is not on the scene or otherwise in a hurry, he also uses upper and lowercase letters.

      I must also tell you we have not accepted any donations. You may have us confused with another organization in Montgomery County that supports law enforcement. If someone has accepted money in our name, please contact us by private message with details, because that should not happen.

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