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  1. res

    Does anyone ever wonder why there is an accident every two days on this stretch of road? – It’s because the design sucks. Whoever thought it would be acceptable, even if temporary, should not be in charge of highway design.

    I drive a tanker truck through there a few times per week, and cringe each time.

    You have a concrete wall six inches from the side of the lane one side, and a soft shoulder six inches on the other, with lanes barely wide enough for a car.

    On ramps merge into heavy, high speed traffic, with no acceleration room, no view of traffic, and nowhere to go but the wall or car next to you if there is not an opening.

    The road has humps and ruts from when it was rerouted that will steer the vehicle for you into the next lane, again, with a wall six inches away.

    There are remaining middle stripes from the old road that they attempted to sandblast off, and then the new stripes. In the rain at night, they look almost the same and people don’t know which one to follow.

    No room for error anywhere on this stretch of road, an I have almost lost control of my tanker truck more than once here. This was a recipe for disaster, and whoever approved this as be acceptable ought to be fired.

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