Approximately 2:30 p.m. Montgomery County Precinct 4 deputies made a traffic stop. As they spoke with the four occupants of the vehicle. After identifying the four it was determined that at least two had warrants. After getting consent to search the vehicle they discovered a blanket on the floor of the back seat with several guns wrapped inside.

The occupants admitted to burglarizing a home in the Huffman area much earlier in the day.

Precinct 4 deputies then contacted the Harris County Sheriff’s Office who sent a detective to the home described by the suspects to deputies. Much to the homeowners surprise who was not yet aware he had been burglarized. However, the homeowner did note a laptop computer was missing. 

Questioning the suspects further they determined the computer was left at a home they were living in on Taft Street in Cleveland. In addition they gave the location of another home on Johnson Road where another weapon may be with one other person. \

Just before midnight , Precinct 4 deputies went to that location. They were unable to locate the weapon but did find a resident of the mobile home which was without power or water had an open warrant from Harris County. She was taken into custody.

Deputies then contacted the Cleveland Police Department and with the consent of the residents who had been stopped on the traffic stop went to that location.

Cleveland Police and Precinct 4 deputies approached a Historic home on Taft Street just before 1 a.m. and after approaching the home ordered anyone inside to exit due to the chance weapons could be in the home. Officers entered the home and found the stolen computer. They were about to leave and return to Montgomery County when the officers discovered a chemical odor and as they entered a bedroom found an active meth lab.


At this time officers are awaiting the arrival of a DPS MIG unit to remove the lab and chemicals from the home.

A sign outside the home describes the home as a historical landmark built in 1915. Constable Hayden shook his head in disgust knowing a hard working law abiding citizen of Cleveland had built the home and that it had now turned into a meth lab almost 100-years later.





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  1. LocalDrifter

    That thin thing on the porch crying her eyes out needs to perfect her act. Whenever I cry while cuffed they typically release me and let me go home. Cleveland Police & Pct. 4 must do things differently up there. That’s the reason I don’t burgle or crank out meth in my bedroom in a Make Money Working at Home scheme. If crying don’t get you cut loose with them then it’s best you behave yourself or stay out of their jurisdiction.

  2. LocalDrifter

    A historical landmark built in 1915
    A tribe of punks arrested there in 2013.

    (I’ve seen happier faces on attendees at a funeral.)

  3. LazyCop

    Is it just me or have you noticed how unkept, worthless, unhealthy, careless and dangerous these ALLEGED meth heads and so called meth lab folks look ? Be careful when you handle these humans, responders and law enforcement personnel. Seems like they just don’t give a s&*!, about themselves or others.

  4. richclick2010

    Damn Coward Thieves! Hope they get what’s coming to them.
    I hope the police paid attention to any other items in the house that obviously didn’t belong because they were stolen in other burglaries. A lot of theft going on these days.

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