Traffic Stop Yields another drug arrest in SJC

On Saturday, around 10:30 a.m., Deputy Michael Aldrich of the San Jacinto County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office, was patrolling FM 3081. Deputy Aldrich saw a white 2000 Ford Suv Tx LP FWB-2116 disregard the stop sign at the intersection of FM 3081 and Brown Rd.  The vehicle proceeded west on FM Browder Traylor road where Deputy Aldrich turned on his red and blue overhead lights and initiated a traffic stop. 
Deputy Aldrich Made contact with the driver, identified as 20-year-old Thomas Rohleder, also in the vehicle was one passenger, Identified as Jonathan Dale Lathrop, 21 .  Deputy Aldrich asked the driver to exit the vehicle and speak to him at the back of the vehicle. After a brief interview about where they were headed to and where they came from, Deputy Aldrich asked the driver if there was anything illegal in the vehicle. The driver stated no there was not anything illegal in the vehicle.  Deputy Aldrich asked the driver for permission to search the vehicle to which the driver said it was ok to search the vehicle since there was nothing illegal in the vehicle. 
For his safety, Deputy Aldrich patted down the driver for any potential weapons.  Deputy Aldrich then asked the passenger to exit the vehicle. Upon the passenger exiting the vehicle, Deputy Aldrich asked the passenger to raise his hands and turn around so that the deputy could do a pat down search. Deputy Aldrich felt a small round vile in the left pocket of the passenger’s pull over hoodie. Deputy Aldrich asked the passenger what that was, and the passenger said nothing and immediately lowered his hands and reached into his pocket. Deputy Aldrich instructed the subject to remove his hand and keep his hands above his head at which time the subject refused and attempted to remove the vial from the pocket. 
Deputy Aldrich restrained the subject from removing his hand with the vial from his pocket and took the subject to the ground.  The subject continued to attempt to remove the vial in an apparent attempt to throw the vial away.  Deputy Aldrich was able to place hand cuffs on the subject and retrieve the vile which had been removed from the pocket by the suspect and was laying on the ground next the suspect.  Deputy Aldrich saw the vial contained an unknown brownish colored powdery substance. When asked what the substance was, the suspect stated that it was his pre-work out powder.  Deputy Aldrich used a field test kit on the substance and it tested positive to contain Cocaine.  The suspect was then placed under arrest for resisting arrest or search and with felony possession of a controlled substance, (cocaine) less than 1 gram.

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