Just after 4pm today a teen driving a small Ford Suv attempted to go around the rairoad crossing arms at Highway 90 and FM 1909 near the Raywood Community of far east Liberty County.  A teen was killed and a twenty-year old male was flown by Life Flight to Hermann Houston in critical condition. DPS Troopers remain on the scene investigating.

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  1. copeland

    Driving skills are non-existent today! People drive stupid and endanger others with their impatience and selfish/road raqe mentalities! Just today I had 2 drivers exhibit this BS mentality! While making a left turn onto a side street off of Hwy 75 N in Huntsville tonight a driver drove up behind the person stopped at the stop sign on the side street, and never stopping behind them, pulled around them into my path, ran the stop sign, while making a right turn in front of them heading North on Hwy 75, then going on to take a right on Smith Hill Rd. What TF, in that much of a hurry? Got to get down there to your drug dealer buddy, or he’ll be sold out?!!? Then when turning left onto my side street from Ave M South onto 8th street in Huntsville, a driver in a Silver Jaguar who was positioned in the middle of the road, NOT his side of the road, began turning to the Left as I turned Left after signaling!! Can’t you F’in wait until I complete my turn before you begin pulling out into my path!!? I signaled a left-hand turn from a good distance away, you can’t miss my intention to turn Left!! What the F! Is this just the full moon or are we just overrun with ignorant/selfish drivers out there!!! And where is Law Enforcement when these idiots are driving this way!!!??? Never around!! These kids are an example of this driving mentality, just what are we teaching in Driver’s Ed these days!!?? Ignorance??!! We certainly are not teaching/testing drivers on knowledge of road conditions/friction, banking on curves, road rage, staying on your driving task and not attempting to do other things while driving, racing, etc.!!!

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