Trashy behavior in East Montgomery County

SPLENDORA- The Pct. 4 Constable’s Office continues to clean up East Montgomery County in every conceivable way, including taking out the trash.

On Wednesday, the “Men in Black” responded to an illegal dumping complaint near the intersection of Cottonwood and Cedar in the White Oak Subdivision in Splendora where they founded the heaviest single deposit of household garbage since they began cracking down on that crime early this year.

Pct. 4 Lt. Mark Seals, who has headed up the effort to stop illegal dumping in the precinct, said officers found eight bags of garbage in the area of Cedar Lane and Cottonwood that weighed a whopping 162.7 pounds. Because of the weight, the offense was a Class B misdemeanor and Seals said an arrest warrant would likely be issued for the responsible party in the near future. The clean-up project is a collaborative effort between the Pct. 4 Office of Constable Rowdy Hayden and Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon.

“Mr. Ligon has someone who specifically deals with illegal dumping,” Seals said.

Through identifying documents inside the bags, Seals traced the garbage to 32-year-old Rebecca Gragg Goodrum, who lives in the 25000 block of Cedar Lane a short distance from the dumpsite.

Goodrum accompanied officers to the dumpsite and removed the trash, but will still be arrested because of the amount, Seals said.

“If it’s over 5 pounds, you’re going to jail,” he said.

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