With almost 16,000 acres now burned the fire in Trinity County continues to march north. Last night firefighters once again tried to hold the line at FM 2262. At one point it got close to the road near FM 357. Even with helicopters flying in one behind the other an ember blew across the road and ignited the heavy brush on the opposite side of a deep ravine. Firefighters from Onalaska, Livingston, and 356 Fire Department combined hoses to reach the blaze. Braving helicopters overhead also dropping massive amounts of water on it they were able to stop it.

Then at 8:00p.m. once again at Griffin Ranch Road and FM 2262 the flames were so intense it crossed into the forest on the north side of the road and got into thicker National Forest land. Since dark set in the helicopters were unable to fly and with flames up to 100 feet all firefighters could do was stand back and watch.

Just after dark the winds died, the humidity increased and the fire dropped down to a minimal fire. By this time the fire was so high in the trees and so deep in the woods they were not able to get to it.

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