May 31 10 am:

The release at the Lake Livingston Dam remains at 72,600 Cubic feet per second and NO increase in the release is anticipated today. The Lake level is slowly falling.

Trinity River gauges read as follows:

Romayor 37.83

Liberty 29.94

Moss Bluff 14.75

The levels at Romayor and Liberty are stabilizing again after rising shortly during yesterdays heavy rainfall. Moss Bluff continues to slowly rise and should crest at 14.9 tomorrow.

The good news is that the weather forecast does not call for significant rainfall in our area over the next seven days.  The Trinity River will remain in flood stage for several days.

Residents that have stayed in their homes will remain surrounded by water and anyone wishing to leave their homes can take refuge at the Red Cross shelter set up at the Liberty County Shelter Building, 318 San Jacinto Street in Liberty. Anyone that does not feel safe in their homes should either stay with friends or relatives or stay at the shelter in Liberty. 

It should be noted that areas outside the flood plain of the river are conducting business as usual and nothing outside the expected flood areas have been affected. Stores and restaurants remain open throughout the county and if you do not live in an area near the river,you should not be affected by flood waters.

All in all the next few days look a lot better than the past two weeks.  Remember, please make your decisions to travel in and out of the flooded areas during daylight hours,travel at night remains very dangerous.

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