Conditions along the Trinity River will continue to slowly improve over the next few days.

Current gauge readings show that Romayor is now at 34.95 feet and has fallen almost 3 feet since Tuesday.  This is due to decreases in the release rate at the Livingston Dam.

Liberty is holding steady at 29.14 , which is 3.14 feet above flood stage and Moss Bluff  at 14.41, which is 2.2 feet above flood stage. 

Lake Livingston pool level is slowly falling and the release rate from the Livingston Dam is 55,600 cfs.

Roads into riverfront subdivisions south of Romayor  remain impassable and residents that have chosen to stay in their elevated homes have parked their vehicles on the high side of the road and most are boating to and from their vehicles, which allows them the ability to go to and from the store for any needed supplies they may have forgotten to pick up to get before the water rose.

There are no open shelters and there have been no request for sheltering and with the water slowly receding it is not anticipated that sheltering will be needed.  It should be noted that this is the sixth time in 12 months that the folks living in the floodplain along the river have been flooded, so most have the process down very well.

Local,state and federal officials toured areas in Cleveland and Plum Grove Tuesday and gathered data in support of a federal disaster declaration. This data is being reviewed and the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management will issue a statement as soon as we have a decision from state and federal officials.

It is estimated that 50 residences sustained damage categorized as major and another 50 or so were identified as being destroyed by flood waters.  We are hopeful that federal disaster assistance is granted to the affected residents.

Bottom line is that things are slowly improving at this time and if mother nature will give us a break things should be much better in the near future.

Will update as warranted.

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