January 13, 2016

5 pm

The water level at Lake Livingston has continued to fall and the release rate from the Dam is now at 62,000 cubic feet per second (cfs),down from the 77,000 cfs that was being released on Monday. Currently the lake level is 131.74, which is .74 feet above the normal pool level of 131 feet.

The Trinity River is falling slowly at Romayor, currently at 36.9 feet, holding steady in Liberty at 29.43 ( 3.43 feet above flood stage) and at Moss Bluff the level is steady at 14.61 ( 2.4 feet above flood stage).

Many homes along the river remain surrounded by water and are not accessible due to flooded roads,however, if we can escape another heavy rainfall event over the next several days,conditions should begin to improve as Trinity River Authority ( TRA ) officials continue to reduce the outflow from the dam. 

Looking upstream at gauges along the Trinity River we see improving conditions.  We do anticipate the release of additional water from reservoirs along the northern portions of the basin that have been unable to release all of their floodwater.

The good news here is that if we can get a break from the heavy rain, the basin can support staggered releases from up north and it can all pass through the Livingston Dam without creating the major flood conditions we continue to see today.

Bottom line, things are slowly improving and we remain cautiously optimistic that the heavy rain will stay away from the Trinity River Basin long enough for us to finally see an end to this extended high water event.

The Liberty County Office of Emergency Management will continue to issue updates as conditions warrant.

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