Trooper Angelia Fountain who was assigned in Montgomery County for many years, and moved to DPS Bryan, has announced her retirement. Trooper Fountain was well-known for her dedication and even more so for her compassion. She worked hard, not just as a Trooper but was heavily involved in anything pertaining to kids where she could make a difference. Trooper Fountain was part of almost all the Shattered Lives Programs at the schools all over Montgomery County, and had the unfortunate job many times of having to do that late night or early morning knock at the door to announce a friend or family member had passed on from an auto crash. She was, and is, loved by many both in the law enforcement community and the citizens of Montgomery County, especially the children. During a Shattered Lives Program in Magnolia years ago, Trooper Fountain said, “all you saw out here today are first responders that work Montgomery County that to be honest with you are sick and tired of picking our young kids up off the pavement and having to go notify their parents they are not coming home.” She said there are no words to describe what it is like to have to notify a family member that their loved one has been lost in a motor vehicle accident. “I live with the sounds of screams and voices in my head that I will take to my grave,” she said. Trooper Fountain also has a sense of humor. At a crash where a pickup truck ended up in the San Jacinto River along SH 242, she showed that side of herself. Normally on a scene, the tow truck drivers place tokens in a hat and the token that is drawn by the officer gets the tow. As the tokens are pulled, the first one normally goes to the driver who gets the tow. However, this time Trooper Fountain let the drivers sweat a bit as she held the winning chip and handed the losers chips back to them. Tension could be seen on several faces replaced by looks of relief as the chip was given back to them.

Tuesday afternoon she posted to her Facebook announcing her retirement.

Because there are an endless amount of folks to tell, this is the best way I know to let ya know, so here goes…

After over 20 years of proudly wearing a uniform, I have made the decision to retire. I have been blessed to say the least. This career provided me so many opportunities, I have traveled all across this great State and even to Missouri & Iowa in a patrol car. I have seen things and done things that most would never see or do.

I have learned so much, made a couple of traffic stops, worked a few wrecks, held folks in my arms as they took their last breathes, held many a folk in my arms after I told them of their lost family member. I have counseled brothers and sisters after a nasty call a time or two and had to get counseling myself. I have worked from a blue patrol car in SW Houston, from a black & white patrol vehicle all over this State. I have worked from a black & white helicopter in the skies and a black & white boat as we patrolled The Rio Grande River.

I have been blessed to have a phenomenal support group, great mentors and have been beyond blessed with more brothers & sisters than one could ever imagine that would take a bullet for me and I for them.

For many years, I had a life-changing opportunity to counsel high school juniors & seniors through the Shattered Lives of Montgomery County Program Those kiddos will never know the blessings they brought to my life. It has been and continues to be so rewarding to watch them grow into life.

Rest assured that I always did this job with honor and respect, with dignity and empathy. I gave grace when I could and held those accountable when evil was in my face. I was always ready to be back home but was also ready, at any given time, to lay down my life so that others may have life. I did my best to leave anyone I met or anywhere I went just a little more positive and better.

To all those countless families of whom I have given death notifications to…you will forever be in my heart. To all of those we have buried…your life mattered and you will always be honored and will never be forgotten.

Whether in uniform or not, I will always be a Sheepdog…to protect the flock from the wolf.

Here’s to the last 20+ years and here’s to wherever Christ takes me next…from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for everything! What a ride it has been…

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