October 1, 2022 12:22 pm

Posted: 16.8.2022 15:43


At about 8:30 am DPS, Montgomery County, and Splendora were looking for a reckless driver reported south on I-69 main lanes. As they waited a Trooper was parked on the grassy median between the feeder and the freeway entrance ramp between East River and FM 2090. That is when a female driver and her 11-year-old daughter approached him in a Chevrolet Suburban. The female driver lost control and started to spin. The vehicle spun around and her left rear fender struck the right rear of the Troopers patrol unit. Her vehicle then came back onto the feeder and started to flip. The female and her daughter were transported to Kingwood Hospital in stable condition. The Trooper was transported with minor injuries. This afternoon he has been released but is sore. The female first told Troopers that she had reached down for her coffee when the crash occurred.


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