No significant change to the forecast.

The storm is expected to begin to move
northward toward the center of the Gulf on

It is still too early to have confidence in a
specific track or intensity but residents along
the northern Gulf Coast should monitor
closely for the possibility of impacts late in the
weekend and into early next week.

TS Cristobal at 4 PM CDT:

Maximum Sustained Winds 50 mph

Movement SE at 3 mph.

Center located near 18.3N , 91.8W
made landfall earlier this morning along
the Mexican coast.

Should continue to drift over or near
the Yucatan coast through Friday

Chance of tropical-storm-force winds at a
point through 1 PM Monday.

Wind impacts are not expected over the
northern Gulf coastland areas until Sunday.

Potential hazard timing along the Texas coast

Higher period swell begins showing this weekend. Possible onset of seas
>/= 6 feet within 60 Saturday.

Increased rip current risk this weekend.

The onset of sustained tropical storm/gale force winds within 20 NM: Too
early to say (if at all). Based on the latest forecast late Saturday and
beyond.beyond.(Louisiana waters higher risk than
Coastal flooding, surge & tides

The onset of coastal flooding risk due to tide, surge & surf: Too early to say (if
at all). For planning purposes this weekend.

Reasonable worst-case storm surge: Too early to say (if at all).

Locations well west of the storm will be prone to hot conditions. Be
careful if working outdoors.

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