May 28, 2022 8:28 pm


truck burns as owner drives home

Just after 10:30pm Tuesday a Cleveland resident heading home on Daw Collins Road noticed the odor of smoke. He pulled off the road just south of Morgan Cemetery and opened the hood. When he did he discovered the battery was on fire. He quickly closed the hood, called the fire department and then got some clothes and his computer out just as it burst into flames.

Splendora and Caney Creek Fire Department were dispatched to the scene and Splendora immediately started attacking the blaze. Multiple explosions could be heard along with truck lighting up a brilliant white when the fire and water came in contact with the magnesium components.

The truck was a total loss. Trooper Laird with DPS worked the report on the scene. DPS was assisted by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

The worst part was the owner had one payment to go before the vehicle was paid off.