December 7, 2022 9:34 pm

Posted: 11.12.2013 21:41


Colby Moore of Conroe was traveling south on Gulf Coast Road Wednesday evening at a high rate of speed. As he entered a curve his truck went off the right shoulder. He then apparently over-corrected, crossed Gulf Coast Road striking a tree head on. The impact of Williams un-seat belted body against the steering wheel broke the entire steering column. Moore was transported in stable condition to Conroe Regional Hospital.

He was also cited for unsafe speed, driving with a suspended drivers license, expired vehicle registration and expired inspection sticker.

The speed limit on Gulf Coast Road is 35mph and 45 mph, however vehicles travel much faster than that on the narrow unlit road that has been plagued with crashes over the years including some fatalities. Two vehicles approaching each other with high beam headlights is also extremely hazardous on the dark, curvy road.