two alarm fire destroys former conroe firefighters home

Firefighters battled a two-alarm fire in Kingwood that destroyed one home and damaged another on Friday. It happened at Evergreen Glade Drive and Fir Cove Street. 

Houston,  started putting out flames at a home around 8 p.m. Friday. But while fighting the blaze, they noticed a neighbors garage next door was also on fire.
"So we immediately pulled for extra companies, and in the process over time we pulled the second alarm," Al Michka, district chief with the Houston Fire Department, said.

"The fire  traveled through the breezeway and got into the back of the house," said former Conroe firefighter Ed Fuller as he pointed to the area where his house was burned.
Fuller still can’t believe what happened to his home. He was gone when the fire erupted on Friday night.

"Coming in the neighborhood I could see the flames probably three blocks away," said Fuller.

Since Kingwood has a history of arson, investigators thought that’s what may have caused the fire but it wasn’t the reason.

"They found the main breaker box – the main breaker that controls the voltage for the whole house – [and] evidently there was some type of explosion or burst of power that blew out the front of the board," said Fuller.

Nobody was hurt during the fire, however, one firefighter suffered from heat exhaustion but is expected to be OK.


"It became such a hazard to our firefighters that we went defensive on the fire," said Michka.
Fuller is a former Conroe Fire Department firefighter, which made it really tough not being able to get involved.

"They actually had to hold me back a couple times because I’m wanting to get gear on and go in myself," said Fuller.

"I was out here pulling hoses and everything last night."

Fuller said he’s fortunate that the families two dogs, cat and turtle were saved.
"A neighbor down the street kicked the door open to get the dogs out," said Fuller.

As fuller and his family continue to receive support from neighbors, it certainly won’t be easy moving forward.
"Our grandmother who passed away a couple of years ago … her piano burned. I think her jewelry burned [too]," said Jillian Haskins, who drove to Kingwood to be with her family during this difficult time.

"There are a lot of personal belongings and stuff that has sentimental value we lost," said Fuller.

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