At 6:41a.m. Sunday morning MCHD received a report of a single vehicle crash on Mt. Zion Road at North Clark. A nurse on the scene reported she was unable to get to the patients due to the damage of the vehicle.

When EMS and the North Montgomery County Fire Department arrived on the scene they found a Pontiac Grand Am upside down against a tree. Both the driver and the passenger were entrapped and they were able to determine there was no sign of life.

DPS Troopers on the scene report the vehicle driven by Jerry Hamm, 38 of New Waverly was driving east on Mt. Zion and failed to negotiate the curve. When Hamm over corrected the vehicle slid sideways down  North Clark Road almost two-hundred-fifty feet before hitting several trees, breaking them off. The vehicle then rolled upside down against a large tree which almost split the vehicle in two.

The passenger in the vehicle was identified as James Sumrall, 23, also of New Waverly .

Both men were within one mile of their home.

A cook-off team had returned from the Montgomery County Fair Sunday morning approximately 12:30a.m. and did not see the vehicle at that time. As they left Sunday morning at 6:40 a.m. is when they spotted the vehicle.

Another neighbor reported hearing a loud bang close to 2:30 a.m. but thought it was a tree falling as the area was hit hard by the drought and there are many dead trees in the area.

Judge Moriarti ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport Sumrall and Ham to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

Texan Towing removed the vehicle from the scene.

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  1. cathy

    To the lady claiming to be the step mom of James Sumrall, get your facts straight… James was adopted when he was 11 months old by my mom Virginia Sumrall.. James would tell you real quick he had ONE mom… In no way did you have any hand in raising him or being a part of his life..shame on you for even making such a statement… As far as your facts they seem to be a little mixed up too!!! Just to set you straight James wasn’t intoxicated (yes he had a mixed drink eariler that night but from what I have been told by the persons actually with him,he didnt even finish the drink)he lost his life by making a poor decision to try and intervene in a bad situation.. They both lost their lives true enough and alcohol and excessive speed was the main contributing factors that we now know.. Your last statement is sooo repulsive I’ll just pass on even making a committ… James’ big smile and kindness to others says it all about how he was raised and how much he was loved by those who truly knew and loved him. With this said people PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, NEVER EVER ENTER A VEHICLE AS A PASSENGER EITHER!!!!!

  2. debospell

    This wreck shouldn’t have happened. They had been to a bar, made it home, My nephew had an argument with his wife, and he flew out the house and jumped in his car. My stepson broke their fight up, and being they were in it together all evening, is why I suppose my stepson James jumped in the car with his cousin…A mile down the road they died…It took hours, after daylight for any one to see the wreck..This has affected so so many people…6 little children…Today is the funeral for my youngest…His 3 other brothers and sister that I have will attend…Myself, nor my natural children drink. Take heed of this, it could be your family.

  3. cathy

    James was my little brother, he will be dearly missed. Jerry was also a family member. Two moms had to make funeral arrangements and six children lost their difficult as this has been we are a strong christian family and know God is in control and will see us through this difficult time. To the nurse ,all the medics, law officers, towing company and anyone else who arrived on scene to assist our loved ones, thank you for hard work, dedication, and public service you provide to each and every day. May God Bless And Protect You Always

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