At 6:20 am a Montgomery Fire unit ran up on a crash on SH 105 near Mt. Mariah. MCHD and Montgomery Fire responded to the scene. A pickup driver identified as Andrew Young, 27, of Waller, was eastbound on Highway 105 and tried to pass a dump truck in a no-passing zone east of County Road 204. While trying to pass the dump truck the pickup truck crashed into another pickup headed westbound. Andrew Young of Waller was pronounced dead at the scene by MCHD Medics. The driver of the other truck was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. As investigators were on that scene a vehicle traveling east on SH 105 just after 9 am came to a stop due to the traffic backup from the first crash. A pickup also traveling eastbound slammed into the stopped vehicle. The driver of the pickup identified as Kayleen Pawlak, 35, of College Station died in that crash. The driver of the stopped vehicle was not injured.

A few hours later around 9:00 a.m., a second crash happened on 105 just west of CR 204.

DPS says as a result of the residual traffic from the first crash, a vehicle was traveling east on 105 and came to a stop and was hit from behind by a pickup.

DPS says the driver of that pickup died. She has been identified as Kayleen Pawlak, 35, of College Station.

No other injuries were reported in the second crash.

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  1. Michael

    People (in general) in the Splendora area keep passing me in no-passing zones on curves and thru intersections (one truck even flew around me just as I was coming to a stop at a 3-way Stop Sign intersection, sped right thru the intersection without even slowing down)… and I’m driving the posted speed limit people!

    Between idiot drivers, drunk drivers, and road-rage shootings I really hate leaving my home for any reason these days it’s a killing-zone on the highways around here I swear! And it just keeps on getting worse apparently. 🙁

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