Just after 1 a.m. Tuesday 911 operators took a call reporting a motorcycle crash on SH 105 East at Kinsman. At employee at the convenience store there reported a male and female on a motorcycle crashed into a pole. NMC Fire and MCHD responded along with DPS and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Units arrived to find a male and female both severely injured in the middle of the parking lot but no motorcycle in sight. MCHD transported the two in stable condition to Conroe Regional Trauma Center. Witnesses stated the pair came into the store to purchase bottled water and some other items. They both then got back on the motorcycle. The driver was unable to start the bike but did so after several tries. He then attempted to put the motorcycle in gear. Still having a difficulty he revved the engine and kept trying. Witnesses say he then went full throttle and tried again. This time it went into gear and shot across the parking lot, striking the posts protecting the gas pumps, struck the gas pump and ejected the pair. The bike then continued across SH 105, through the ditch, through a barbed wire fence and into the woods where it came to rest. The motorcycle was recovered by Hillbilly Towing.

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