Just before 3:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon Montgomery County Hospital District Medics Pete Cameron and Jack Mattox were leaving the station near River Pointe at the Conroe Regional Medical Center to back in and cover calls in Willis as the units there were out on calls. 

As they approached the intersection of River Pointe Drive and the service road for Interstate 45 they observed a blue Mazda RX8 that had struck  the concrete wall. The vehicles exhaust caught the grass on fire which spread to gasoline leaking from the tank. 

They immediately called the dispatcher and advised her what they had and needed the fire department.  The traffic was already stopped on the service road blocking any help from getting there soon. Many people were standing around watching.  Both entered the vehicle with heavy smoke and fire erupting from it and pulled the unidentified unconscious male from the drivers seat. 

Another unit arrived along with a supervisor in addition Allen Sims and Allen Johnson responded to the scene. The medics were transported to Conroe Regional Hospital with smoke inhalation. The driver of the vehicle was transported to Conroe Regional in serious condition.

The two medics were to be released Thursday evening. There has not been an update on the driver.

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