Thursday night a Cleveland resident on FM 1010 had his old Ford tractor stolen. He notified the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office who responded. As the deputy was taking the report they spotted footprints and followed them to his tractor back in the woods. Being disabled and late the owner opted to wait until morning when he could get help recovering it. Friday morning he got up and when he walked outside his tractor was back in the yard but his Cub Cadet riding mower had been stolen. Friday evening he walked outside to get into his truck to drive a few hundred yards down the road where he is caring for an ill family member. As he was about to leave he spotted a truck pulling a trailer driving slowly down FM 1010. He continued to the family members’ house but noticed the truck pulled up in front of his house and then backed into the driveway. As it did he immediately called Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. They kept him on the phone with units en route. Within minutes the truck came back out of his driveway with his Ford tractor on it. Against Liberty County Sheriff’s Office instructions not to engage the suspects the owner jumped into his truck and followed them. The thieves continued down FM 1010 onto FM 2090 then headed west. The thieves apparently were not familiar with the area as they turned north on County Raod 3662 toward May Road. That is when they realized they were being followed and stopped in the middle of the road. The owner panicked and turned around going to Tram Road and then up to May Road and headed east where he passed them.  By the time he turned around and got back to Tram Road he had lost them but Montgomery County dispatchers were already broadcasting the attempt to locate. A Splendora Officer about to get off-duty was seconds away. As he turned off Tram onto Pin Oak the thieves passed him. The officer quickly turned around and as he got to Tram the thieves were accelerating at a high rate of speed north on Tram. When they got to Wagon Wheel they turned east onto the dead-end road. After going a few hundred yards they drove off into the ditch and ran into the woods on foot. The officer went after one of them as the driver and passenger headed north. On sunset drive, a small white dog charged across the road to a woodline barking. That’s where they tried coming out but were confronted and ran back into the woods. A perimeter was set and a K-9 was brought in but lost the trail. About 30-minutes later a resident on Tram Road who had seen the MCPR alert called 911 to report two men had just run through the yard toward Double T. Units converged on the area but were unable to locate the two Hispanic males. The tractor was taken back to the owner’s home by a wrecker. It was damaged some in the sudden stop in the ditch and not being tied down. The truck had been reported stolen in Houston and the trailer had also been stolen in Houston on September 17th. The only description was two Hispanic males. Anyone with information is asked to call Splendora Police or the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.


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  1. Michael

    At least the pickup truck and the trailer owners will finally get their stuff back, and not too tore up I hope.

    I suspect there is an awfully lot of stolen stuff that could be located out in those Colonia’s surrounding Plum Grove at this point. It’s not that they’re all bad people, but there are a LOT of really bad people who snatched up those 1/3 acre unrestricted lots with such easy owner financing and no SSN required…. just saying! It’s a man-made disaster out here now that just keeps on growing.

    1. res

      You know it. You don’t just come from Houston and wind up of FM 1010 with a trailer, and happen to find a tractor you can steal. You have to have been out there enough to scope it out- and plan the theft. If they aren’t from the colonias, they know someone in the colonias off FM 1010. It’s not really a road you “just wind up on”.

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