Two aggravated robberies have just occurred in north Harris County.

The first was at the EZ Mart in the 5200 block of Louetta. Three black males approximately 5’-8” tall. One was wearing a gray hoodie, and gray shorts. Two of the others were armed with black handguns.

The second was on Hollow Tree Drive near FM 1960 and I-45.. There a black male with a blue hoodie and black mask displayed a black handgun when he robbed an individual.

Harris County is looking for the suspects.

No vehicles were seen leaving the areas at the time.

No other details are available.

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  1. spk

    I am not a violent person and do not own a gun and only shot one years ago. They scare me. I think that if robbers, burglars, gypsies, tramps, and thieves who do damage to others are shot about every other time they abuse others like this, it would make a few go out and get a regular job like the decent humans do. That’s why I am glad law-abiding people can own guns. Hope it stays that way and they use them more when these monsters abuse them.

  2. bbarr

    And the cultural rot continues ……good advice…… arm up.
    Sadly, your gonna have to protect yourself from these social parasites

  3. gnamaree

    Animals are making MC a more permanent stomping ground than a temporary pit stop when the hard core thugs toss them from their hood. Time to arm up folks. There’ll NEVER be enough cops to defend yourself, property or family from the degenerates demanding more and contributing less from society.

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