Today, school officials at Moorhead Jr. High School learned that a fourteen year old student brought with him to school several items that appeared to be home-made explosive devices. School officials immediately notified the campus officer, who summoned other officers from the Conroe ISD Police Department and seized the backpack from the child. Experts from the Montgomery County Fire Marshall’s Office conducted a preliminary investigation and determined that the devices were non-explosive and non-flammable.
The student who brought the devices to school was taken into custody and remains in the Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center awaiting his hearing before Montgomery County Juvenile Judge Hamilton.
Detectives from the Conroe ISD Police Department continue to investigate the incident with assistance from the Montgomery County Fire Marshall’s Office and the Montgomery County Attorney’s Office.
Meanwhile today, another fourteen year old student at Irons Junior High School was taken into custody after other students overheard him threaten to bring a weapon to school to kill himself or others.
Under Texas Law, a person commits an offense if he knowingly initiates, communicates, or circulates a report of a present, past, or future bombing, fire, offense, or other emergency that he knows is false or baseless and that would ordinarily cause action by an official or volunteer agency organized to deal with emergencies; place a person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury; or prevent or interrupt the occupation of a building, room, place of assembly, place to which the public has access, or aircraft, automobile, or other mode of conveyance.
County Attorney J D Lambright stated that “making certain threats at or against a school are felony offenses. My office is responsible for prosecuting juvenile cases in Montgomery County, and my staff of Juvenile Justice Prosecutors will aggressively pursue children who make such threats in violation of the law. In light of the disturbing number of events like these and others that have occurred around the
country, some with disastrous consequences, we must and will take immediate action to protect our students and the public at large.”

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