Crockett Martin Road in East Montgomery County for years was known by teens for racing, another road intersecting it was also popular with the teens. That all changed this year as Montgomery County and DPS started patroling it and citing speeders. Since that time residents of the Deerwood Subdivision say the teens have now moved to their narrow, long residential street to do their racing. Highline Oaks East which is 1.3 miles long has turned into the perfect drag strip reident say. “Since police are on the other roads they have moved to our street,” one resident said. Just before noon Saturday that is exactly what happened and it could have been deadly. Two 17-year-olds took the street just before noon and tried just that. Side by side a Mercedes and a Nissan SUV went north. Just before they reached Highline Drive where the street ends, one vehicle struck the other causing both to lose control. The Mercedes went through three yards before coming to rest in the front yard of one home slightly damaging a parked car in that driveway. The SUV struck a tree in another yard. The driver of the SUV was transported in stable condition. The Mercedes driver suffered very minor injuries. If a passenger had been in the SUV DPS Trooper would have spent their afternoon working a fatal accident and notifying someone they had lost a loved one on Christmas Eve.



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  1. kevincstms

    All good comments above. I would just like to add, as a retired police officer, that this should be yet another warning to parents to think responsibly when buying a car for teenagers or even letting them borrow a family owned vehicle. To let any 17 year old drive a Mercedes is asking for trouble. As for the SUV, that is a safe vehicle only if driven responsibly. That SUV saved that kids life for sure but couldn’t stop him from driving like a maniac.
    As for the neighborhood folks, I feel for them with all the property damage and hazard to their own well being. It may be time for them to start a group effort to bring this situation to the attention of the county. Possibly some sort of speed bumps could be incorporated into this stretch of roadway.

  2. mlg1969

    Mommy and daddy didn’t teach them well enough in the first place. They will probably have a shiny new car soon, and they will do it again, no lesson learned at all.

  3. justalocal

    A waste of my taxpayer money. These brats have been living off my money through the “Earned Income Tax Credit”. Now these thugs are a nuisance and a problem being visited upon society. And I’ll bet the parental units that did not raise these people to be responsible will claim these thugs on their tax returns again for their free government handout called the “Earned Income Tax Credit”. And I’ll have to pay for another irresponsible selfish thug.

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