Traffic fatalities increase during the summer months leading to the period from May to August. It has been labeled the 100 deadliest days of the year by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. July 4th typically sees a spike in traffic fatalities and DWI cases due to increased travel and drinking. As people hit vacation spots, such as Lake Conroe, we also see an increase in Boating While Intoxicated (BWI) cases and also drowning or other accidents.

In an attempt to prevent this possible increase in death and crime, DPS, Montgomery County Precinct 1, Texas Parks and Wildlife, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office  and others will be participating in regional DWI and BWI initiatives across the Houston Region. Agencies from Brazos to Galveston to Fort Bend to Montgomery counties and all counties in between will be increasing patrol and No Refusal initiatives beginning this weekend and next weekend. Extra patrols will be on area roads and waterways to deter potential violators and apprehend those who don’t get the message.




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  1. justaguy

    In a nutshell…..Driving in Texas is a privilege and whether you noticed it or not, when you get a license in this state you acknowledge that you will provide a blood, breath, or urine specimen upon request of a cop that has you pulled over for suspicion of DWI. Under normal circumstances you can refuse to do so, at which time your license is taken from you and you are issued a temporary permit until a hearing is held to determine how long it will be suspended due to your refusal to comply. During No Refusal , if you refuse to give a sample judges are on hand to sign a search warrant to get the blood drawn from your drunken veins in order to determine alcohol/drug content. Montgomery County has started this initiative and it has since been copied by many other states and has been held to be legally acceptable practice. I for one am glad to see them doing it because you DO NOT have the right to drive drunk and run into me or one of my loved ones. Keep up the good work guys, there are some who appreciate it and those that don’t are the ones driving drunk so I could care less about them anyhow.

  2. televisionallycancerized

    Can you please define what No Refusal means? Who cannot refuse what? Is it something they can normally refuse? What are the typical repercussions of refusal, and are they different during a no-refusal period?

    Concerned Citizen

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