two woodlands residents killed in motorcycle accident

Just before 1:00p.m. today MCHD and Woodlands Fire Department were dispatched to a accident involving a 2003 Ford  Focus and a 2005 Yamaha motorcycle. Initial reports by witnesses said two victims had been ejected form the motorcycle.

When Fire and EMS arrived they immediately called for Life Flight for 43-year-old Tricia Harrison of the Woodlands who was the passenger on the motorcycle. Her husband 23-year-old Anthony Harrison was pronounced dead on the scene but not before a brave young teenage attempted to save him by keeping his head above the water in the ditch he was ejected into. As he did that his mother, also a witness assisted 69-year-old Aliciaann Greene of Conroe who was driving the Focus. Greene was transported to Hermann Woodlands in stable condition.

Life Flight transported Ms. Harrison to Hermann Hospital in Houston where she died shortly afterwards.

According to DPS Trooper Mark Lebig,  Ms. Greene was northbound on Kuykendahl approaching Woodlands Parkway. She turned left across the southbound lanes to go into the Indian Springs Shopping Center. As she did this the motorcycle, which was southbound on Kuykendahl from Woodlands Parkway struck Greene just behind the front wheel of the passenger side vaulting her vehicle into the ditch. Both victims struck the glass of her vehicle breaking out the windshield and both passenger side windows.

Kuykendahl south of Woodlands Parkway was closed until 6:00p.m. as DPS conducted the crash investigation.

The case will most likely be referred to the Montgomery County Grand Jury without charges as Greene said she did not see the motorcycle but felt the impact.


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  1. Holly22

    It’s dangerous enough on the roads as it is and we all know this when we get in to a car every day. We all understand the risk we take when we drive. Motorcyclists know this too. There is no protection for a motorcyclist other than a helmet and you make a conscious decision to get on that motorcycle knowing that if you or one other driver make a minor mistake, that’s the end. If both would have been in cars, likely they would have all walked away. Motorcyclists know this but make that decision to get on it knowing they have no protection around their body. Mistakes happen every day, we are ONLY human. It’s what we do. It’s sad. I’ve lost a few to car accidents, MANY MANY to motorcycle accidents.

  2. jasmas48

    Rick,,, I was there before and after it happened within one minute of the accident. I saw Anthony go through the intersection right in front of me seconds before the collision. the person in the car didnt see them coming and I believe her because I live there and my son had an accident in the same location 4 years ago. I go to that store about 4 times a week and cross the same intersection. I have been caught by surprise several times. I was behind them turning into the other HEB entrance when the wreck happened. I heard the collision. I knew Anthony as he waited on me and my wife at Olive Garden in the past. He and his wife were at Steel city pizza the last time I saw them together. Had they been wearing helmets… who knows but God what could have been. the wreck was horrible. everyone did what they could under the circumstances. the driver from the other vehicle was in her late 60’s. Anthony was seen by me driving at least 40 mph or more when he went through the intersection as was the rest of the traffic. in my opinion,,, the woodlands should be held partially to blame for their stupid azz rules on “dont cut down the precious shrubs from the esplanade.” there is an obvious blind spot at that intersection. they will fine you and make you plant another shrub if you cut one down. dont believe me… ? then call them and tell them your about to cut some down and tell them the location and see if they dont call the police. Anthony probably couldnt see her either till it was too late. the elderly lady was extremely upset. that is why they took her to the hospital. she couldnt breath or calm down. My prayers are for Anthony and Tricia’s family. everyone did what they could. Wendy’s son is a hero for helping Anthony in his last seconds of life. enough said. I am sickened in my stomach even talking about this. JM.

  3. Jamie

    No charges filed!!!! “I didnt see them” is not an excuse. Part of driving is to look for other cars,trucks, trains and oh yeah bikes. I hope charges are brought up make people aware of motorcycles!!! Please keep your eyes open and share the roads with bike. RIP Mr and Ms. Harrison

  4. frog

    “The case will most likely be referred to the Montgomery County Grand Jury without charges as Greene said she did not see the motorcycle but felt the impact.” Really what constitutes no charges because she didn’t see them or because they were motorcyclist. Prayers go out to the families.

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