On Thursday, April 30, 2020, at 5:18 pm, the Cleveland Police Department was called to the corner of Truman and Holly in regards to gunshots.
As Officers responded, the caller advised a female was shot, and the male shooter was fleeing the scene in a black in color pick-up. Cleveland Police Officers arrived to find a forty-nine-year-old female laying on the back porch of her residence located in the 800 block of South Holly Avenue. Officers found the female was a victim of a shooting and had sustained numerous gunshots to the victim’s body. Precinct 6 Justice of the Peace Ralph Fuller responded to the scene where he pronounced the female victim as deceased.
Upon responding, CPD Officers quickly gathered a detailed description of the shooter from witnesses who observed the shooter flee. A broadcast was issued via Cleveland Police Department Dispatch to neighboring Law Enforcement Agencies advising Phillip Simmons (age 55, Cleveland Resident) was wanted by the Cleveland Police Department for questioning in regards to the homicide.
The Cleveland Police Department, Criminal Investigation Division, responded to the crime scene to begin their investigation. Captain James Primeaux, Detective Kevin Cook, and Detective John Shaver processed the crime scene. A search warrant was obtained for the residence with the assistance of Liberty County Assistant District Attorney Kevin Barnes.
At 6:03 pm, the Cleveland Police Department received a call from an alert citizen asking if we were looking for a black in color truck driven by Phillip Simmons. Dispatch confirmed the information; the citizen advised they were following a black in color truck matching the description.
Dispatch broadcasted the information via radio. At 6:10 pm, Captain Scott Felts and Sergeant David Edwards caught up to the suspect vehicle on US 59 Southbound near the San Jacinto Bridge. The suspect vehicle was slowed by congested traffic due to ongoing construction but failed to stop. The vehicle was blocked in by Officers; a felony take-down was initiated, Phillip Simmons was removed from the vehicle and was taken into custody without incident. Simmons was found to be in possession of a 9mm handgun. Both Simmons and the pick-up was transported to the Cleveland Police Department.
Phillip Simmons is being charged with murder, which is a first-degree felony. He is currently being held in the Cleveland Police Department jail.
The deceased victim is identified as Trena Monique Jordan of Cleveland, Texas.
Chief Darrel Broussard advises this is a senseless killing of a young lady who is a member of our community. She has a teenage daughter who is now without her mother. Our hearts go out to the victim’s daughter, family, and friends. We will be praying for loved ones affected by this brutal murder. We will work non-stop to ensure justice is served in this senseless killing.

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