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Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell said a 19-year-old was shot and killed on County Road 306 near Stoneham, just west of the Montgomery County line.

Grimes County Investigators worked with state and federal partners in Harris and Montgomery County that led to identifying the suspect.

The victim has been identified as David Avery Brown of Conroe. According to Sheriff Sowell, Tyrus Jamond Peters came to Conroe with three other males to confront Brown who owed Peters money. They went to his 7th Street apartment and knocked on the door. Brown came out and walked to Peters vehicle. Brown told Peters he did not have the money as   he lost his job and his vehicle. It was then Peters produced a handgun and demanded the money. One of the males with Peters told police that Brown asked Peters if he was going to shoot him in front of his (Browns) family.  Peters suggested they burglarize a home. Brown suggested that he knew a friend that had some speakers at house near Navasota, and that he would give the speakers to Peters instead of money.  Brown got into Peters green Cadillac according to Browns mother. They then went to a vacant home near the Stoneham Community which is off SH 105 just west of the Montgomery County line. There Brown retrieved the speakers. As they were leaving Peters pointed the gun at Brown. One of the males with the group told police that Brown begged Peters not to shoot him but Peters shot Brown multiple times. As Brown lay on the ground he continued to beg Peters not to do this to him. That is when Peters handed the gun to one of the other males with them and told him to finish Brown off. That male acted like the gun wasn’t working then fired several shots into the ground. A woman who lives nearby heard the shot at approximately 1130pm Tuesday night a short time later and then a man banging on her door. Being alone she was scared and did not answer the door. Wednesday morning when she went out she found Brown dead on her front porch. Another neighbor also reported hearing five shots close to 1130pm in front of his property. He looked out and saw a dark colored Cadillac leaving at a high rate of speed and noted the undercarriage struck the driveway as he left. A friend of Brown’s also told police that he got a call from Brown informing him that he was going to the property on County Road 306 to get the speakers. Officials checked phone records and found that at 1230 am Wednesday a call was placed to Houston. That number belonged to the girlfriend of one of the three that accompanied Peter’s when he went to Conroe. She told police that her boyfriend called her and told her he had just witnessed Peters shoot David Brown.

The suspect, Tyrus Jamond Peters, was taken into custody at 1207am Friday morning at 9927 Valley Mills Ct. in Houston by the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force. He is now in the Harris County Jail awaiting transfer to Grimes County.

Peters was arrested here in Conroe on June 15, 2015 for possession of marijuana and burglary of a motor vehicle.  A warrant for his arrest is still outstanding in Montgomery County.



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