Last week a call was made to the Precinct 1 Lake Patrol and MCHD. The person making the call thought a person was drowning as they heard screams by an older male voice on Twain Drive near the waters edge. Lake Patrol, Montgomery Fire Department and MCHD along with the Sheriff’s  Office responded to the scene. Once there they found a 82-year-old male on his dock and unable to get up the stairs do to a knee injury.

He was assisted into the house and was medically sound.

Monday night at approximately 9 p.m. a call came into the 911 Call Center from the family of the gentleman that was assisted last week, They stated they had not been able to reach him all day and that at times he enjoyed an evening swim.

Montgomery County Precinct 1 Constables Lake Patrol, MCHD, North Montgomery and Montgomery Fire Department Fire Boats responded to the scene.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department ground units arrived first and one of the deputies spotted him in the water.

MCHD arrived on the scene and determined he had passed.

Judge Spikes was notified and ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the victim to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

He has been identified but out of respect for the family the name will not be released until later Tuesday when he is positively identified by the Forensic Center.

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  1. Mr. Smartypants

    If you move a person and by doing so, increase their injuries, then you can get sued. Remember the story three or four months ago about the nurse that refused to perform CPR on an elderly person? I knew of a truck driver that pulled a man from a burning car, only to find himself in court. He ended up losing nearly everything.
    I’m with you about helping people, but nowadays a good samaritan has to be careful. It’s the world we live in.

  2. firefyter

    Prayers for the family. But I wouldn’t want to live next door to the neighbor who called. Why, if you heard screams and thought someone was drowning would you not go over and see if you can help. We get these do gooders on cell phones all the time. For example they call and report a person lying on the sidewalk and they think they might be having a problem but they don’t stop to see, they just drive on and call for someone else to check. If you hear screaming call then go check or go check then call. That’s the problem with society nobody wants to get involved or help out.

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