update on electronic bugle failure

At a funeral in Coldspring, Texas last Friday the bugler the military sent was unable to play as his electronic bugle failed. A man gives his life for his country and all they could do was send an electronic bugle.

After further investigation we found that in 2000 congress passed a law that a Veteran was not allowed a bugler but someone to play taps on a cd player.

This morning we were contacted by David Kennedy who is a bugler with an organization, Bugles Across America. The organization was founded in 2000 by Tom Day, when congress passed legislation stating veterans had the right to at least two uniformed military people to fold the flag and play taps on a cd player.  The organization didn’t feel that was enough and took further by providing a live bugler for the memorial. Their feeling was our military gave to the country and deserved more than a cd player with taps.

The organization is now over 5000 strong and continue to seek volunteers and horns. According to them the Department of Veterans Affairs expect more than 500,000 veterans to pass every year for the next seven years.

Their volunteers are both male and female. Young and old. The only requirement is that they can play the 24 notes of taps with ease.





Bugles Across America NFP
c/o Tom Day ,Founder
1824 S. Cuyler Ave.
Berwyn, Illinois 60402-2052

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