We just had word that Max is awake and alert and even wanting out of bed. Pray for a speedy recovery.


Magnolia Firefighter Max Loerch is currently at St. Lukes Hospital in the Woodlands in a drug induced coma. Early Sunday morning Magnolia firefighters and EMS were dispatched to his home for chest pains. Enroute they were advised that CPR was in progress. When crews arrived they continued to work on him to St. Lukes Hospital.

Please keep Max in your prayers. Include wife Kelly, daughters Peyton and Morgan and his son Aaron. Also the Magnolia Fire Department Family.

Max also had a second line of work. He and his wife have a company that sells religious jewelry. Max tells an awesome story how it came about.

The Story
This wonderful journey began back in November of 2008 as we were attending our church, the Upper Room Fellowship. I’d been sitting about two to three minutes when the good Lord gave me the vision of the cross.
I walked out of church, grabbed my briefcase and rushed back inside. I opened up my briefcase and grabbed a notepad and started drawing this vision. As I was drawing my wife nudged me in the side and said, “What are you doing?” I told her I had to draw this cross.
After drawing the cross I felt a need to give it to my pastor, Kenny Martin.  He looked at the drawing and said “that’s nice”.  As the praise and worship team ended their music my pastor stood up and introduced a woman from another church, Kathleen Gauge, whom I had never met or even heard of. Kathleen started her sermon and it wasn’t even a minute into the sermon before she said, “the key to everything is the cross”.
I looked at my pastor and he looked at me from the front row and our eyes were huge as if we had seen the Father himself.  Gauge’s sermon repeated ”the key is the cross” 8 times. It was then I knew that the vision was truly God given


max loerch

max loerch and wife

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