Changes since last update: Overall no real changes. Attached graphic shows freeze warning area and associated temperature forecast.
Forecast Temperatures: We think this will probably be the lowest temperatures expected. Temperatures could be a degree or two warmer depending upon winds and whether cloud cover clears sooner or later than expected. Northern areas of Harris County will be on the edge of freezing temperatures. Towns like Tomball and Cypress may have freeze while Kingwood may not. Areas south of there are not expected to freeze but we had to include Harris County in the warning since there is the potential for a freeze in part of the county.

Duration: Look for northern most areas to have 5-7 hrs of freezing temperatures while farther south only 1-3 hrs of freezing temperatures can be expected.

Precipitation: Light rain may be possible along the coast early this evening where temperatures are well above freezing otherwise no precipitation is expected. No precipitation is expected for areas where freezing temperatures are expected to occur tonight.


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