Please refrain from burning today. At this moment Splendora, New Caney, Montgomery and Magnolia Firefighters are all battling grass fires in different parts of the county. The winds are very high and the humidity is down at 25%.

Yes, it has rained a lot which is currently proven by Magnolia firefighters who are attempting to fight a large grass fire on Highland Blvd. and have their booster truck stuck in the mud.

The last call dispatched by Firecomm told firefighters a man was burning with not a good water source and close to his home and the neighbors.

No a burn ban is not in affect as it takes Commissioners Court to do that. Right now what it needs is responsible citizens to either not burn or have a good water supply and nothing flammable close to the area your burning. Remember hot embers can travel several hundred yards and ignite very easily where they land.

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