About 1:30 pm an 18-wheeler owned by JBS carriers and pulling an empty trailer was parked on the side of US 59 between Northpark and FM 1314. Moments later an empty flatbed 18-wheeler owned by CPS Houston was traveling north in the right lane when the driver crossed the right fog line and slammed into the truck parked on the side of the road. The female driver of the parked truck was transported to Kingwood Hospital in stable condition. The truck driver who struck her was also treated at Kingwood for minor injuries. Most of US 59 was closed as crews worked to remove the debris and load the trucks that were damaged. HAZMAT International was tasked with cleaning the spilled diesel fuel from the fuel tank of the 18-wheeler which was ripped loose. In addition motor oil from the engine of the flatbed truck. DPS is continuing the investigation.

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