Pete Ringo left is office at Britor LLC. in the 100 block of Stewart in Willis just after 5:00 p.m.. Just before he got home he got a call to return to the office. He was told an SUV had slammed into the building and was parked inside. When he arrived Stewart was closed with a fire truck from North Montgomery County Fire Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Willis Police blocking the road.

The vehicle that struck the building had no driver. A wrecker  who was northbound on Highway 75 turned eastbound onto Stewart. The vehicle he was towing hit a pot bump in the road and broke loose from the wrecker driving directly into the building.

The damage to the building was extensive, with a water line broken off in the concrete, the electric meter ripped from the wall and extensive structural damage to the building. If it would have happened a little over an hour prior Ringo could has been seriously injured as the vehicle ended up in his office.

There were no injuries.


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  1. Jamesw2

    Pot Bump as apposed to a pot hole ??? We need pictures of a pot bump. . . I am surprised a second tow truck wasn’t right behind to catch the car

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