Vehicular Crimes Division – Super Bowl DWI Enforcement Campaign

With Super Bowl LI in Houston and 1 million people expected to attend some component of the Super Bowl experience over the 10-day period, starting today, February 2, 2017, Montgomery County law enforcement agencies will begin to conduct increased DWI enforcement to hopefully send a strong message to drivers that driving while intoxicated in Montgomery County will not be tolerated this Super Bowl weekend. These increased operations will continue through Monday, February 6, 2017. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s office, in conjunction with both state and local law enforcement agencies, will increase No Refusal Operations and DWI Enforcement throughout Montgomery County – from East to West. The goal of this initiative is to prevent traffic related crashes and deaths caused by impaired drivers.
During this time period, the District Attorney’s office, through their No Refusal TxDOT Grant, will provide nurses, prosecutors, investigators, and judges at various locations throughout the county to assist law enforcement in obtaining blood evidence in cases were a DWI suspect refuses to provide a scientific sample. The process is simple, but effective:
1) an officer makes a DWI arrest and asks the suspect for a breath or blood sample; 2) if the suspect refuses, the officer then meets with a prosecutor who drafts a search warrant for the suspect’s blood; 3) the warrant is sent to an on-call judge who will review the warrant for probable cause; 4) if probable cause is found, a nurse will then take a sample of the DWI suspect’s blood.
These No Refusal Operations ensure that scientific evidence is obtained in all DWI cases and provides the prosecution with strong evidence of guilt or innocence. Many Montgomery County law enforcement agencies have committed to increasing the number of officers on the streets to catch as many impaired drivers as possible. Some of the participating agencies include:

Conroe Police Department,Magnolia Police Department, Willis Police Department, Montgomery County District
Attorney’s Office, Department of Public Safety, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office,
Pct. 4 Constables Office, Roman Forest Police Department,

Montgomery County by the Numbers (2010 to 2015):
– Most DWI related crashes occurred between 2am and 3am Sunday mornings.
– In 2015, 45% of crashes were DWI related in MOCO as compared to 39% for the State of Texas.
– 74% of DWI crashes occurred in rural, unincorporated areas of MOCO.
– 58% of DWI crashes in MOCO are “one motor vehicle” crashes, meaning only the DWI vehicle was involved.
– Since 2010, there have been 172 DWI fatalities in MOCO.
– The average BAC for a DWI in MOCO is .172.

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  1. BigBadWolf

    3) the warrant is sent to an on-call judge who will review the warrant for probable cause;

    The judges should be required to actually see/talk to the accused instead of taking someone’s word for it. Of course they are going to always say “bloodshot, glassy eyes, slurred speech, unsteady walk, etc”

    They are abusing their power and violating civil rights, IMO. I’ve read of people who had their blood forcefully taken and they turned up under the limit. They should all sue.

    1. justalocal

      Completely agree. Also, twofold, how accurate is the testing, and can it be challenged in court, in light of recent problems with botched lab results in labs throughout the country?

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