December 5, 2022 4:17 pm

Posted: 4.7.2022 16:17


The victims of Sunday’s double fatal crash on FM 1314 in front of the Caney Creek Fire Station have been identified as Charly Paredes, age 30 of Willis, and his twin brother Roy Paredes, age 30, of Willis. In the back seat of the Ford F-150 were their father and uncle. The four work at a golf course in the Atascocita area and report to work at 3 am on Sundays to prepare the course for play. They were on the way back home when the crash occurred. The F-150 was northbound on FM 1314 when it crossed the center line and slammed into a traffic signal pole used by the fire department to turn the traffic signal to red as they exit the fire station. Firefighters were preparing breakfast when they heard something hit the fire station. As they exited they saw the crash. The impact was so great that the truck door launched over 50-yards and struck the building. DPS is investigating the crash and has not yet determined what the cause was.


Just after 8:30-am Sunday morning, Caney Creek firefighters were sitting down to breakfast at their Station 86 on FM 1314 near Bert Brown. They heard a loud crash followed by a large bang from something hitting the station. As they went to investigate they found a Ford F-150 that was totally destroyed sitting on FM 1314 in front of the station. One male was out walking around. Two males had been ejected and were deceased on the scene. Another male who was ejected was in critical condition. MCHD responded to the scene and confirmed the two deceased males. The other male who was ejected was transported in critical condition to HCA Conroe. The male who was walking was also transported to HCA Conroe in critical but stable condition. FM 1314 was closed until noon as DPS investigated the crash. They were able to determine the F-15o was northbound on FM 1314 when for unknown reasons it crossed the center line and struck a traffic signal pole with a concrete base. The impact ripped the vehicle open. The driver’s door was thrown close to 300 feet hitting the fire station wall just outside the truck bays. It is unknown the reason for all the crashes at this location as several crosses line the road from previous fatal crashes. Montgomery County Forensics responded to the scene. Eickenhorst Funeral Directors transported the driver and front-seat passenger to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

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