The Liberty County Sheriff’s follow up investigation has now confirmed the names of the deceased persons and all family members have been notified. Other details of the multiple murders and shootings that occurred on Monday, August 17, 2020, have been developed and are as follows….
Criminal Investigation Division Commander Capt. Billy Knox reported that 56-year-old Richard Lamm and 38-year-old Misty Herndon were the first ones shot and killed by Michael Wettstein after Wettstein first shot a dog belonging to Herndon. Wettstein then went to another house on CR 4901 and for some unknown reason shot and killed 59-year-old Bruce Mercer. After that shooting, Wettstein went to the next home on CR 4901 and after arguing with Marvin Rumley and his daughter about their dog, shot both who was later air-lifted to a Houston hospital for treatment for their gunshot wounds. It is reported that both of the Rumley’s are still in treatment at the hospital.
Although the case is still under continuing investigation as to a logical motive for these murders, it was reported by area neighbors that Michael Wettstein was known for often going around the neighborhood “ranting” about the dogs that were allowed to roam freely in the area. The Sheriff’s Office is familiar with several prior calls to Wettstein’s home for various complaints. At the time of Wettstein’s arrest for these shootings, he had a “swastika” drawn on his forehead and was armed with the shotgun and rifle used in the shootings.

According to CID Capt. Knox, Michael Wettstein has presently been charged with one count of Capital Murder with several other felony charges pending further investigation. He has been magistrate by Pct. 1 Justice of the Peace Judge Stephen Hebert with no bond being set by the Judge. Michael Wettstein remains in the Liberty County Jail.

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