Friday night Allie Rodriguez a Caney Creek graduate, her longtime boyfriend Michael Kowis went to Big Texas Dance Hall on Holzwarth Road in Spring for a concert. Michael’s  brother was along as was Jessica Binnion and Robert Guerra.

The concert ended and patrons were leaving just after 2 am. As the girls stood out in the parking lot next to their truck, Michael, his brother, Robert and friends were a short distance away talking. Michael said when they came out there was a black pickup truck parked in the corner of the parking lot away from the other vehicles.

As the young men talked the black truck approached Allie and Jessica, Feeling uncomfortable Jessica told Michael they seemed “Creepy”. Michael and Robert walked over the the girls, the black truck was parked just a few feet away. When Michael asked what they wanted the driver would not respond, they then walked over to the passenger side at which time the passenger told the young men they would regret being at the club this night and pulled a knife on them then sped off. Seconds later they made a quick turn around in the parking lot approximately fifty yards away and as the group had their backs to them the truck accelerated and plowed into them. Michael was struck first and thrown to the side. He suffered a broken hand and injured knee and ankle. Robert was struck and suffered road rash and other minor injuries. Allie landed just feet away from Michael’s brother, Jessica Binnion lie in the parking lot, unresponsive.

When Cypress Creek EMS arrived, Allie was dead and Jessica was unconscious with a head injury.

The truck did not stop but fled the scene.

Harris County Sheriff;s Office responded to the scene and determined they did not have an accident scene but had a homicide scene instead.

By early evening investigators learned the identity of the driver of the truck. He was identified as Tito Juarez, 27, of 7054 Pine Vista in Houston. Juarez celebrated his birthday on Thursday.

Juarez has been charged with murder. His bond was set Sunday morning at $50,000.

No word on the passenger in the Juarez truck as of yet.

Juarez is not new to the legal system. In 2005 he was charged with a terroristic threat against a Spring man. That charge was reduced to disorderly conduct in Harris County Court 2. Juarez was fined $300.

Juarez also faces two harassment charges in El Paso County. H was arrested on February 26, 2013 for harassment on December 24, 2012 and February 26, 2013. He failed to show in court in June of 2013 and a warrant was reissued setting the bond at $10,000. That bond is still active At the time he told the El Paso authorities that his birthdate was 1/27/1987.

Juarez, a graduate of Jersey Village High School spent some time in the Marines in 2011 according to his Facebook page.






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  1. texas_transplant

    jonspencer – how does is sound a bit like a robbery? The passenger of the black truck pulled a knife on them, the black truck sped off only to turn around and run them down. Not sure what article you are reading.

  2. jonspencer

    So wait a group of people surround a truck in the middle of the night outside a bar start telling them to roll the window down and stuff sounds a bit like a robbery I would of ran them over too

  3. spk

    This is shocking. I’d like to know why. Were they on dope and having hallucinations/delusions/whatever or was it a gang thing that they had to kill someone or what? When more evidence is in, please give an update. You are really good about updating stories. Thank you.

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