AUGUST 8, 2007

AUGUST 8, 2012
Just before 4 p.m. the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office completed its field investigation into the animal cruelty case where the baby was found Tuesday in very poor conditions. The Houston SPCA seized 15 dogs, mostly pit bulls including 4 puppies. Two horses were seized and the one found dead was buried. Once the search warrant was returned to the site early Wednesday afternoon deputies entered the home. Inside they did find some narcotics along with other items but would not elaborate on the type or amount found. Mabel Larsen is currently being held in the Montgomery County Jail on cruelty to animal charges. Aaron Parker is being sought as a person of interest. An old booking photo is below of Parker. This is not the first brush with the law and CPS with the two. Additional details will be posted tonight along with video showing the conditions and talking with neighbors, Captain Rex Evans, and a representative of the Houston SPCA.

AUGUST 8, 2013
Roman Forest Police respond to an elderly male found in a deep ditch in his back yard crying for help. Bill Christian an 81-year-old Roman Forest resident was only found by chance, when meter reader Jeffrey Franklin of Accu-Read Services, heard someone crying for help while reading the neighbor’s electric meter.

Franklin located the elderly amputee in a deep ditch between the properties, called 911 immediately, and rushed to the elderly man’s aid. With less than a 2 minute response time, Roman Forest Police Chief Stephen Carlisle arrived on scene to find a long-time friend and city resident lying in the ditch below his overturned scooter. Chief Carlisle provided limited aid until Emergency Medics arrived on the scene.

Christian had been lying in the ditch without shade from the brutal sun for over two hours. He was calling out for help the entire time. The gentleman told Chief Carlisle he was watering plants from his scooter when he rolled over. Having only one leg and being on a steep incline, it was impossible to get up. He also forgot to take his phone and emergency alarm outside. The incident could have ended in tragedy, given the high temperatures. When Christian fell the garden hose became entangled on him. During the time he waited for help he said he ran water over his head and shoulders.

Chief Stephen Carlisle praised and thanked the meter reader.

“I want to thank Jeffrey Franklin for coming to the aid of my friend. I can only imagine the outcome had he not been found. You are a true hero…”

AUGUST 8, 2015

The search continues for a man who shot at patrol vehicles belonging to two different Montgomery County agencies and also fired a shot that struck a civilian’s vehicle as he led police on a two-county high speed chase Saturday.

According to Deputy Jim Slack with the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, it was just after noon when Woodbranch Police attempted to initiate a traffic stop in the area of US 59 and FM 1485 in East Montgomery County. The vehicle fled and the pursuit began.

“A passenger inside the suspect vehicle fired at the Woodbranch patrol vehicle, striking the car and causing the officer to veer off and strike a curb, disabling that vehicle in the area of US 59 and FM 1314,” Slack said. “Around that time, Precinct 4 Deputy Buchanan took over the pursuit that went south into Harris County.”

The chase reached speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour. Deputy Slack said the suspect vehicle took multiple exit ramps and then reentered the freeway at the next entrance ramp each time. They finally exited at Hopper Road, Slack said, which is when more shots were fired, with one shot striking a civilian’s vehicle.

Milstead driver Matthew Moore said he was headed south on US 59 just before Little York when he saw a white Cadillac pass him and quickly change lanes, moving to the left. He then saw two Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office vehicles pass him in pursuit of the white car. Shortly thereafter, more shots were fired from the suspect vehicle and one went through his windshield. Moore did not realize how narrowly he escaped being shot in the head until he had stopped and a DPS Trooper examined his vehicle and where the bullet entered and lodged in the headrest of his seat. Fortunately, he was leaning a little toward the center of the vehicle, or probably would not have survived to tell his story.

The suspect vehicle then stayed off the freeway, continuing through a neighborhood and ending up in the ditch in a ditch in the 4300 block of Wedgewood, Slack said. Two men and two women fled the vehicle on foot. Thanks to a Harris County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit and Houston Police patrol units, the two women and one of the men were captured. No one was injured in the pursuit or capture.

The man believed to be the shooter remains at large as of this writing.

From the vehicle, investigators recovered a rifle, pistols, ammunition, body armor, 43 grams of methamphetamine, and heroin.

Those arrested were the driver, Javier Alquicira, who is charged with Attempted Capital Murder and Evading Arrest; Candis Colby, charged with Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance; and Sarah McCoy, charged with Manufacture / Delivery of a Controlled Substance.

Slack said the search continues for the shooter, who is believed to be a Hispanic male.

AUGUST 8, 2015
Just before 9:30pm Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a welfare check at 2211 Fallen Oaks Drive near Fallbrook and Veterans Memorial. This is in North Harris County. Deputies arrived and were unable to raise anyone by knocking. Checking for residents that resided at the location they found a 49-year-old male lived at the home and had an open warrant for family violence. Deputies called for backup and requested the HIDA unit to respond to assist.

A large party next door also had to be dispersed and several residents were evacuated.

As deputies walked outside the perimeter of the home, a deputy looked through a blind and saw a child lying on the floor who appeared to be dead. Seeing that, deputies attempted forcible entry. As they entered the home, they were met with gunfire.

Deputies backed out and called for the Harris County SWAT Team and a negotiating team.

For over 2 hours deputies tried to get the man to come out. At one point he told deputies he was coming out but would be shooting. However, about thirty minutes later he told deputies over the phone he was coming out.

He exited the home with his hands raised and was taken into custody and rushed from the scene,

Deputies then made entry into the home and found 3 adults and 5 children dead.

Detectives are still on the scene where they will be most of the day. As of yet, they have not released, identities, genders, ages, or the method in which they were killed.

There is also word that a sixth child may be unaccounted for.

We will update as details are available.

AUGUST 8, 2015

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